The Memory Fabric Can Return To The Initial State

  • The memory fabric, also called memory cloth, refers to fabric with shape memory function. It is easy to care and is the first choice for making suits, windbreakers, jackets, ladies' suits, etc.

    Memory fabric refers to fabric with shape memory function, also known as memory cloth or shape memory cloth. "It refers to the products with a certain original shape, after deformation and fixation, can return to the original shape and characteristics under the stimulation of specific external conditions (such as heat, machinery, light, magnetism or electricity, etc.), and the initial application is on some alloy products. Memory fiber refers to some characteristics of the initial state that can be memorized when the fiber is formed at one time. The fiber can undergo any deformation after being formed. The deformation can be fixed under the action of lower temperature or external force. When the deformed fiber is stimulated by specific external temperature or external force, the fiber can return to the initial state. In short, the fiber can rapidly deform under the action of external factors and can rapidly recover the deformation under the action of external stress. Therefore, this kind of fabric made of fibers is called shape memory fabric.

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