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Deepening the design means deepening the design, making the
surface of the drawing appear, meeting the design and installation requirements
of the connection nodes, and finally making the project smoothly implemented.
Light steel villa is a kind of light steel as the skeleton, sandwich panel as
the enclosure material, and the standard modular series for space combination.
The components are connected by bolts. A new concept of environmental protection
economical prefab house.

The mobile home can be assembled and disassembled quickly and
easily, realizing the universal standardization of temporary buildings,
establishing the environmental protection, energy saving, fast and efficient
architectural concept, and making the temporary housing enter a series of
development, integrated production, supporting supply, and inventory. And the
field of stereotyped products that can be used many times. Prefabricated
buildings are prefabricated parts assembled on the construction site, called
prefabricated buildings. According to the form and construction method of
prefabricated components, it can be divided into five types: block building,
plate building, box building, skeleton plate building and rising board

With the development of modern industrial technology, the
construction of houses can be manufactured in batches as in the production of
machines. As long as the prefabricated building components are transported to
the construction site and assembled. It includes not only the design content,
but also the material supply, transportation, installation methods and sequence
provided by the construction contractor, and partly assumes the role of
engineering consulting.

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