Wrappable Braided Sleeving: Add It to Your Toolkit Today

  • From organizing cables, cords and wires in your projects,insulated spade terminal to safeguarding vital components throughout the military, automotive, aerospace and marine industries, the extensive application for braided sleeving continues to make it one of the most versatile resources in a professional’s toolkit.

    As if braided sleeving weren’t unique enough, FLEXO F6 offers a sleeving constructed to enhance functionality in exciting new ways. FLEXO F6’s wrappable braided sleeving is designed with a lateral split, making it the perfect choice for when odd shapes need to be secured, or when reach is hindered and you don’t want to supplement the installation with tape, Velcro? or some other additional material.

    With FLEXO F6’s overlapping braided sleeving, you get protection for splices that won’t expose your components. When your systems have unusual shaping, wraparound braided sleeving can bend to a tight radius and will hold without splitting or puckering. Manage bundles economically and efficiently, putting wraparound braided sleeving to work when conventional sleeving may not be practical or possible. That’s the great convenience of overlapping braided sleeving: you don’t have to worry about slipping the sleeving over elements. Stop struggling with getting braided sleeving over components in awkward, tight or small spaces. Simply wrap this product around the elements and go!

    The semi-rigidness of the braided design allows for more flexibility. Typical rigid sleeving seals tightly, allowing for little distortion. While more rigidity can be a benefit if you’re bundling systems along floors and inside accessible walls and ceilings, FLEXO F6’s unique, pliant design will allow flexibility for your harnesses in the most unusual spaces. You will even be able to add or remove components without disassembling the installation.Wraparound braided sleeving is going to be ideal for managing wires and cables, while insulating them from temperature, abrasion, chemicals and other hazards. Durable as it gets, expect an extra layer of protection from a broad range of threats to your systems. This product comes in a variety of types, as well as styles and sizes, to work with all your projects. Semi-rigid FLEXO F6 wrappable braided sleeving is extremely lightweight. It has a practical, 90° overlap edge at its nominal diameter and allows for coverage over connectors, splices and inline plugs. This product is also halogen-free.